Pastors & Staff

Stacy Lee

Ministry Assistant

Stacy is married and has 2 children. She handles our day-to-day administrative items and calls. 


Meet the Team

Marshall Wilkins

Head of Deacons
If anything is needed for the church with Deacons involved, Marshall is your point of contact. 

Donna Blackston

Nursery Leader
Donna works with our Nursery workers to ensure we have a great team working with our youngest.  Children are very important to us even at their youngest age.

Nich Roe

Media Specialist
Nich is in charge of our "In-house" media ministry. Primarily focusing on Media during services. 

Ricky  Porter

Audio Specialist
Ricky is on the "In-house" ministry team in charge of Audio. He is also focuses on the grounds. 

Lou Wiseman

Joy Group Leader
Lou is over our Joy Group for our Seniors. They met once a month for a luncheon along with other activities.

Debbie Porter

Church Pianist
Debbie plays the piano for our church services as well as other events as needed. 

Trula Crowder

Church Organist
Trula plays the church organ for our church services as well as other events as needed. 

Carl Blackston

Men's Ministry
Carl is over our Men's Ministry. He works with the men of the church to plan bible studies and other activities for the men to participate in.